Homemade pizza

How to make Homemade pizza simple guide. today we will help you to cook Homemade pizza in your kitchen. recipe by Ledi's Cooking you can found him at cookpad


4 servings

  1. 500 gr flour

  2. 300 ml warm water

  3. 7 gr instant yeast

  4. 0.5 tsp sugar

  5. 1 tsp salt

  6. Olive oil

  7. Salame napoli or milano

  8. 300 gr mozzarella cheese

  9. 200 gr Tomato souce, italian passato

  10. Salt, peper, oregano, basil


  1. Add warm water in a bowl, add yeast and sugar and let ait for 10 min.

  2. Add the flour and salt and make the dough, it should be soft. Let sit for 30 min and Knead again. Then let sit untill double the volume.

  3. Season the tomato sauce with oregano, salt, peper, basil and olive oil.

  4. In a table spread with flour add the dough divide in two parts, open it and place it in a baking pan. Add the souce and bake in oven prehated in 250°C in the bottom of the oven for 6 or 7 min.

  5. Add salame and moxarella cheese and put the pizza in oven again in 250°C on the upper shelf of the stove for 6 min or until the cheese is gold.

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