Pan pizza 🍕

How to make Pan pizza 🍕 simple guide. today we will help you to cook Pan pizza 🍕 in your kitchen. recipe by Rachelle Teh you can found him at cookpad


  1. 1 & 1/4 flour

  2. Pinch salt

  3. 1 TSP instant yeast

  4. 1 tbsp sugar

  5. 1/2 cup warm water

  6. Toppings

  7. Pizza sauce

  8. Chicken meat/ bell pepper

  9. Mozzarella cheese

  10. Onion and pepper


  1. Mix all the ingredients for dough, knead for five minutes and make into a ball. Cover with cloth until 1 hour to rise

  2. Prepare the toppings, fry

  3. Make an 8 inch round shape pizza

  4. Poke with fork to make holes before heating 8 minutes each side on the pan

  5. When ready, spread pizza sauce and arrange toppings. Cover for few minutes

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