Pizza roll

How to make Pizza roll simple guide. today we will help you to cook Pizza roll in your kitchen. recipe by Egyptpino 🇪🇬❤️🇵🇭 you can found him at cookpad


6-8 servings

  1. 1 soft tasty loaf bread 🍞

  2. 3 cup panko bread crumbs

  3. to taste pizza sauce

  4. to taste cheddar cheese

  5. to taste ham, hotdog or tocino whatever you desire

  6. 4 eggs

  7. 1 bell pepper cut into long thin sticks

  8. to taste pineapple cut into small pieces


  1. Shred cheese and cut the bell pepper with same size.

  2. Prepare the pizza sauce and panko bread crumbs and put it a bowl.. beat the eggs and set aside

  3. Get each piece of the loaf bread and flattened it using rolling pin

  4. Spread pizza sauce on top all over the bread

  5. Put the bell peppers, Ham, pineapple, cheese and roll over like in the picture shown below. You can use hotdog, ham, egg and tocino whatever toppings you desire

  6. Dip the rolled pizza into the egg and then to the bread crumbs

  7. Prepare a hot boiling vegetable oil in a large or medium pan whatever you desire to cook the pizza roll

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