Vegan Lunchable Pizza (Adults)

How to make Vegan Lunchable Pizza (Adults) simple guide. today we will help you to cook Vegan Lunchable Pizza (Adults) in your kitchen. recipe by Vegan Smart you can found him at cookpad


1 serving

  1. Crust

  2. 1 naan flat bread (big one)

  3. Sauce

  4. to taste pizza sauce (tomato)

  5. Toppings

  6. to taste vegan shredded cheese

  7. to taste vegan sausage


  1. First lay down a naan flat bread.

  2. Now take pizza sauce and put about (3 tbs) on the flat bread.

  3. Then sprinkle the vegan shredded cheese over the pizza sauce on the flatbread.

  4. Take the vegan sausage on to a cutting board and cut thinly sliced pepperonis.

  5. Now put the pepperonis over the vegan cheese.

  6. It’s ready to slice and eat this doesn’t require any cooking at all.

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